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Questions & answers about buying tickets at Bergbahnen Brandnertal 

Information about dynamic pricing

The Bergbahnen prices in Montafon and Brandnertal are dynamic in winter for day tickets and multi-day passes.

Sound complicated? It isn’t. Simply book early to get the best prices!
Tickets at attractive prices can be booked in the webshop easily from the comfort of your own home, so there's no need to stand in annoying lines at the ticket office. With this, we not only want to improve our service quality, but also offer our guests a fair and family-friendly pricing model in the future.

For more information on the dynamic pricing model, click here:

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Relaxed booking with the carefree package

Need to unexpectedly cancel your stay in Brandnertal or Montafon and your booked ski tickets? Then the Montafon Brandnertal carefree package is just right for you.

The following cancellation reasons are included in the carefree package:

-      Illness and/or injury of a ski ticket holder that makes skiing impossible

-      Pregnancy and complications of one of the ski ticket holders

-      Coronavirus suffered by one of the ski ticket holders

-      Death of one of the ski ticket holders

-      Significant property damage to the residence of one of the ski ticket holders as a result of fire, burst water pipe or criminal act

-      Loss of employment through no fault of their own as a result of termination of employment by one of the ski ticket holders

Requirements for claiming the carefree package:

If you book the carefree package and one of the above cancellation reasons applies, you can cancel the entire ski ticket order.

Please note that any other orders you may have, such as ski rentals or overnight stays, are not covered by the carefree package.

Immediately after the occurrence of one of the above-mentioned reasons for cancellation, contact the Bergbahnen office where you booked your ticket/s. Have proof of this ready (medical/official certificate, police report, confirmation from former employer).

Reason for exclusion:

The carefree package cannot be claimed if the reason for cancellation is caused by a ski ticket holder’s intentional or grossly negligent acts, and/or by significant impairment due to alcohol, addictive drugs or medication.

Summer 2023 operating periods

Weekend operations (Fri - Sun):
May 5 - 21, 2023

Continuous summer operation (at least 2 lanes open):
May 26 - November 01, 2023

You can find the summer opening hours of the individual lanes here.

Winter 2023/24 operating periods

Weekend operations:
December 2 - 3, 2023
December 8 - 10, 2023 (Fri - Sun)

Daily operations:
December 15, 2023 - April 1, 2024

Lifts are always open from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm.
Subject to change depending on snow conditions and weather.

You can find out more here.

Children U10 free ticket

How to get a children U10 free ticket?

The free Montafon Brandnertal annual WildPass for children under 10 years is available for children born in 2013 or after, during the presale period up to and including December 8, 2023, free of charge at all stationary ticket offices and advance booking offices.

A photograph and a valid photo ID are required to purchase a free annual pass for children 10 and under. Parents can pick up their children’s annual pass (with photo ID) at the stationary ticket offices as well as the advance booking offices. Children are also issued the children's annual pass (if they are accompanied by an adult on site and present a photo ID).

It's not possible to require this ticket online or per mail.

General questions about ticket purchase

Can I also order by phone?

You are welcome to contact us by phone or email, so that we can help you with the booking: +43 5559 224-0

How can I pay online?

You can pay with Visa, MasterCard, PayPal or instant transfer.

How do I get my valid ticket after purchasing it in the webshop?

Season, annual and multi-day passes can be picked up with the voucher from a ticket machine, pick-up box or Montafon Brandnertal OG ticket office (except for the Gurtis ski area and Bazora ski lift). ID cards must be carried! (passport). 

Where is my purchased ski ticket valid?

Tickets with a validity of up to 2.5 days are valid at Bergbahnen Brandnertal. From 2-21 days there is the possibility to choose the Montafon Brandnertal multi-day WildPass (only full days). These tickets cover all Montafon Bergbahnen and the Brandnertal.

Are multi-day passes also valid on non-consecutive days?

Multi-day tickets are valid only on consecutive days. However, there is the option to buy an elective WildPass. You can find out more here.

Is there an option to extend my already purchased ski pass?

No, unfortunately this is not possible.

Are there group rates?

We would be happy to send you our special group rates and conditions upon request. Please contact us by email:

Are there discounts on certain tickets?

There are discounts for people with a severely disabled pass from 70% disability. This discount can only be granted on site upon presentation of the ID card at the ticket offices of Bergbahnen Brandnertal.

From when is the 2.5 day ticket valid?

The 2.5 day ticket is only valid at Bergbahnen Brandnertal. On the first day from 11:30am and all day on the two following days.

Who can get a family season or annual family pass?

The season or annual family passes (winter Wildpass/summer Wildpass/Annual Wildpasss for families) are issued to parents (father and/or mother) and children living in the same household. Either the Vorarlberg family pass or a valid ID must be presented as proof. The family rate is granted for the season or annual family pass if all tickets are purchased together and at the same time. The oldest child pays, all other children go free. Family tickets can be purchased online or on site at the ticket office.
Free Montafon Brandnertal annual WildPass for children under 10 years: children born in 2013 or younger can pick up a free Montafon Brandnertal annual WildPass at all stationary Bergbahn railway ticket offices and advance booking offices (excluding webshop purchases) up to and including December 8, 2023. NOT AVAILABLE ONLINE!

Where should I report if I have lost an item of value in the area?

In the event of loss of a valuable item, we will be happy to help you by telephone at +43 5559 224-0 or at our Bergbahnen ticket offices.

Will I be reimbursed for ticket prices in case of injury or illness?

In case of injury or illness, an aliquot partial refund will be made upon presentation of a medical certificate from a local doctor, minus a processing fee of 7.50 Euros. No substitution for accompanying persons or in case of early departure.

Where can I find the GTCs?

The General Terms and Conditions can be found here.

Will my data be transferred securely?

Your data is protected with the latest security technology. We treat your data confidentially, do not pass on data to third parties and only process data that you have voluntarily given us.

Still have questions for which you cannot find answers in the FAQs? Then simply write to us or give us a call.

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